AI creating art for you

ptipkwfsuiwz - 1 year ago

AI who creates digital artworks with every keywords you type in.

For example: mad scientist creating vegetables, digital art

You need to sign up, but its really worth it !

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lnjadjljvibt - 9 months ago | thread

Hey dear AI, please write a poem about elevators that can see the future.

In a world where elevators soar, Up and down, forevermore, One stands out, it's plain to see, The elevator that holds the key.

For this lift can see ahead, Into futures still unsaid, With every ride it takes us on, We glimpse what's yet to come.

It's buttons, glowing bright and clear, Reveal what's waiting, oh so near, A world of wonder, yet unknown, A future not yet fully grown.

As we step inside and close the door, We feel a sense of something more, A power that we can't explain, A future that's yet to gain.

As we ascend, the world recedes, And in its place, our fate proceeds, A glimpse of what's to come for us, A vision that we can't discuss.

But in that moment, we feel it clear, The future's waiting, oh so near, And as the elevator slows, We know that soon, the future shows.

With a ding, the door slides wide, And we step out, no need to hide, For with this elevator as our guide, The future's ours to seek and find.

ogipcdewtgvr - 1 year ago | thread

Don't forget Stable Diffusion to mention here! Its a kind of open source derivative of Dall-e_2.